Happy Arbor Day!

Communities across our beautiful Hawaiian Islands will honor and celebrate trees this Saturday, November 5th. What are some fun things you can do? 

Plant a tree

Plant a tree with a local organization near you, whether its on or around Arbor Day! ATA's next tree planting day is Saturday, November 19th at 8am. Check out our volunteering days HERE.

Forest Bathe

Forest Bathing is a great way to honor, recognize and enjoy the important benefits and beauty of trees. The term Forest Bathing is translated from the Japanese phrase, "shinrin-yoku" and is a custom that involves spending time in the forest to decompress, relax and feel at peace.

Give away a seedling

Spread the love by gifting a good neighbor or friend a tree to plant in their yards.

Read poems or pick up a book about trees. 

Check out our booklist of our favorite tree books HERE!

Check HERE for more fun and meaningful Arbor Day activities happening this weekend –– Enjoy!